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Silent PC Case Fans - Keep Your PC Cool without the Noise

If you have a PC that runs hot because of the environment or generates irritating noise when operating. Here are two GREAT fan options for PC's or custom builds. My PC is on my desk so I needed cooling AND silence. After testing many brands I couldn't believe that my 2 best picks cost less that HALF of noisier expensive brands. If you need fans check out these PC Fan or select [More Brands] to View other Top-Rated Fans. The picture below shows the Low Motherboard and HDD temps these Fans helped my PC achieve (I'll do a separate review for the incredible CPU Cooler). The Low Temps are Very Nice but the Silence is AMAZING!!

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Rosewill 120mm
4-Pack Case Fans

Budget Priced 4 Pack

Long-Life Bearing Sleeve

1200 +/- 10% RPM

  • Wired 3/4 Pin + Molex
  • Near Silent 22 dBA
  • Affordable 4 Pack (4)
  • Silent & Quiet Operation

Asiahorse 120mm 
PWM Twin-Pack

Silent Bright LED Fans

Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts

PWM 800 to 1800 RPM ±/- 10%

  • Wired PWM 4 Pin
  • Silent 20.5 to 28.5 dBA
  • Cheap Twin Pack (2) 
  • Many Colors Available
Uncle JebComputers HATE Heat!! These PC Fans can keep your PC Cool AND Quiet

I have a mid-level PC that I use for work, running my store and playing the occasional PC game. Just for fun I installed Speccy to get the memory info for my PC and saw my PC temps were very high (its the program in the picture). My PC only had 2 fans in it so I decided to do upgrades - lowest cost first. That's when I discovered the Rosewill 4-Pack. Its an Incredible Deal!! You get 4 fans for less than $20. (some expensive brands charge $20 for ONE fan). I also replaced my original intake/outtake fans with Asiahorse Blue LED's. They are also incredible. The LED's are BRIGHT and the fan speed can be controlled by the computer. (even at 100% speed/1800 RPM they're virtually silent. At lower RPM's they're completely silent)

I tested quite a few brands. (I have a tech geek buddy). Both of these brands are the quietest case fans I've ever used. My PC is on 24/7 and boths brands have been doing their jobs 100% silently. The Asiahorse LEDS fans are Stunning and Bright and the Rosewill's are working like a charm. (The biggest surprise since you get 4 GREAT QUALITY Fans for such a low price.)