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Top Rated CPU Cooler - Cool CPU's Work Faster and Last Longer

One of the BEST upgrades you can make to your PC is buying a CPU Cooler. Cool CPU's work faster and last longer. Most modern CPU's will throttle and slow down when they heat up. These excellent CPU coolers will keep your PC working at MAX performance even when rendering or gaming. Personally I use the Arctic Freezer. It installed in less than 5 minutes and immediately lowered my CPU Temps!!

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Cooler Master
Hyper 212 EVO

Best Selling CPU Cooler

4 Direct Copper Heat Pipes

PWM 600 to 1800 RPM ±/- 10%

  • Wired PWM 4 Pin
  • Silent 15.1 to 31.6 dBA
  • Superior CPU Cooling
  • Silent & Quiet Operation

Arctic Cooler
Freezer 13

Easy Install - Low CPU Temps

Silent CPU Cooling

PWM 900 to 2200 RPM ±/- 10%

  • Wired PWM 4 Pin
  • 200 Watt Quiet Cooling
  • Silent CPU Cooling
  • PWM CPU Fan Control
Uncle JebHot CPU's Slow your PC - Use a CPU Cooler for MAX Performance!!

CPU cooling is one of the best investments you can make in your PC. Electronics HATE heat. If your CPU gets too hot it will auto-throttle and slow down your PC avoid CPU burn-out. Once I started to use my PC more (and keep it running 24/7) I noticed the slowdown but not until I installed Speccy to view some memory info did I realize my PC was running so HOT!!

I didn't want to buy a new PC or spend a lot of money on water cooling so I started researching and testing a couple CPU coolers. First I installed new fans and it really helped. Next I upgraded my CPU and WOW!! My CPU dived under 20 degrees and even when gaming my temps rarely go over the mid 30's. I tested the Hyper-EVO (the top selling cooler) but the ArcticFreezer was a better fit for my micro-ATX case, easily installed and cleared my full height RAM (my case has a non-standard layout). Amazingly both are virtually SILENT. My PC is on my desk and I cant hear the CPU fans even at full speed. If you want a chilly CPU you'll be happy with either choice.