Sump Pump Battery Backup

best ups battery backup

Battery Backup Sump Pump - Powerful Backup Power Protection

Instant battery power to your sump pump when the power goes out. Prevent Flooding. Powerful pumps Quickly Remove Water and Avoid Disaster. Prevent Expensive Water Related Flood Damage.

Basement Watchdog

Auto-Pumping during Power Outages

1000 Gallons per Hour
10 ft Lift Specs

  • Pumps up to 6 hours continuously
  • Unique monitoring system sounds
  • 100 volts
  • Surge Protection


Corrosion Resistant Thermoplastic

2900 Gallons per Hour
10 ft Lift Specs

  • Corrosion Resistant, Sealed Thermoplastic
  • Float Switch for fully Automatic Operation
  • 12V Battery Powered
  • Surge Protection
Uncle Jeb
Avoid Expensive Water Damage with a Battery Backup Sump Pump

These powerful sump pumps combined with battery backups could end up saving you thousands of dollars in water damage. I've personally experienced this horror when I was buying a house and had a power interruption on a property that had an ongoing leak. The result was a nasty expensive flood that also ruined a few items in the room.

From that day forward I've always used a sump pump battery backup system. Both of these models have easy to read displays and audible alarms so you'll know when they're going off. Also both provide hours of pumping action that can usually bridge all but the most severe power outages.

A sump pump battery backup could end up being one the the smartest purchases you ever make for your property. Its the kind of device you never think about when things are going OK but desperately need when @%$! hits the fan. I had my own ‘I should have’ experience where a battery backup sump pump would have save me thousands. Back in the days when I thought I was a smart ‘property-flipper’ I purchased a property that experienced a half-day long power outage while I switched the utilities into my name.

We were working  on the upper floors with good daylight the sump pump in the basement didnt have power so I had no idea how much water was leaking into the foundation. By the time we started working in the basement – wood had rotted, drywall was ruined, etc. It was a HUGE expensive disaster. Directly after that episode I purchased a sump pump with battery backup and have never regretted it.

My sump pump battery backup system has never had to deal with another half-day long interruption but there have been plenty of power outages, brown-outs and brief black-outs caused by storms and other severe weather. In fact I never realized how often brief events happen that activate my sump pump battery backup systems. Both systems on this page have notification displays and alarms so you’ll know when they’ve been activated. If your property has a sump pump, do yourself a favor and upgrade it to a system that also includes a sump pump battery backup. Its some of the cheapest property insurance you’ll every purchase.